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duminică, 13 mai 2018


Hello there!
Isn`t it weird that my last article before my 6 weeks holiday is an article about the promotions from Lidl? At least, I can`t believe it.

But I`m back now and I am going to fight for the mood and inspiration for my blog and for my Youtube channel. Definite, I will change the Youtube channel schedule for a while, but I`ll try to post once a week out there. And I`m going to start next week with that Q&A video that is promised for so long, I recorded it at the start of April but I have lost the inspiration for subtitle.

Meanwhile, in other news, Lidl has some promotion next week, starting Thursday. I`m not totally convinced, maybe I`ll buy something, even I don`t need anything that seems to be in the Lidl magazine.

Have a nice Sunday evening, people!

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