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miercuri, 28 februarie 2018

Review: Cien Repair & Care hair conditioner

Good morning! How are you?

For today I have a few words about Repair & Care hair conditioner by Cien. You can find this conditioner in Lidl for about 5 - 6 lei. I had heard about this series of Cien cosmetics from Claudia (Claudia`s Choice) before I bought it. Sometimes I choose Lidl for shopping because I know that Cien (Lidl own brand of cosmetics) has a lots of good cosmetics when it comes about hair conditioner, shower gels, hand creams and so on, on lower price than the well known brands which invest to much in marketing and it feels.

I like it because it makes my hair feel softer and I can brush it easily than if I don`t use this conditioner. The product is consumed very hard, I mean that it takes a long time to empty a bottle of 250 ml, you know? Besides this, I feel like 5 - 6 lei for a hair conditioner on 250 ml which lasts for so long it is a real deal.

I score this conditioner with 10 / 10.

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